3 Different ways to stuff a Moroccan pouf - Leather Ottoman

on February 10, 2021

What to Stuff Moroccan Pouf With?

Some of you might probably be wondering how to stuff a Moroccan Pouf. Some people have their own ways of how they can fill in their Moroccan pouf. In fact, there are several alternative ways to be utilized to fill the Moroccan pouf. Most of them utilize pillows, towels, textiles, unused clothing, and some duck feathers to put some stuff on it. These things are just some of their options to make their pouf round, beautiful and plump. 

If you want to put some stuff for your Moroccan pouf, then you may also try to use any of those alternatives being cited above. However, if you know some other types of stuffing that are good for a Moroccan pouf, then feel free to use them for good. For you to have a well-rounded and beautiful Moroccan pouf at home, then you may consider the most commonly used to stuff a moroccan pouf. Below is your ultimate guide to stuff a Moroccan pouf with different materials.

Filling a Moroccan Pouf with Pillows or Polyester Stuffing


Stuffing a moroccan pouf with Polyester

One of the easiest ways to fill-in your pouf is by using pillows or polyester. If you want to use some polyester or pillows to make your Moroccan round and beautiful, then it is recommended to use at least twenty-ounce bags of polyester stuffing. You can find polyester from some of the fabric stores in your locality. This kind of stuffing for your Moroccan pouf provides a nice outcome. However, this will not make it stiff for you to have more comfort when sitting. You can use the polyester stuff if you are planning to utilize your pouf for home décor or to be used by your kids. This is also a good option if you will just use it to kick up with your feet. If your purposes are just any of these things, then two bags of polyester would perfectly work on your pouf. 


Filling a Moroccan Pouf with Textiles and Unused Clothing at Home 

This might be one of your favorite methods, even if it needs you to some little decluttering on your closets. Finding some textiles in your house would be more interesting, especially if your purpose is to make your Moroccan pouf plump and heavy. You may look around your house for some unused textiles like old jeans which you are no longer using, clothing of old kids, sweaters, old bath towels, and some old pillows. 
It takes extra time and effort to completely fill-up your Moroccan pouf, especially if you are just looking for some stuff in your house. However, it would also be good enough in your feeling since you can declutter some of the things from your closet and make them more useful. 

Filling a Moroccan Pouf with Feather Pillows

Some people tend to use some sort of feather pillows to put some stuff on their Moroccan pouf. With these materials being used, their poufs become plump and cozy. However, it is quite pricey compared to any other method for stuffing a pouf. You may also purchase some feathers from the fabric stores nearby if you want to make your Moroccan pouf fluffier and would provide more comfort to the users. 
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