Business Etiquette in Morocco

on October 23, 2020

When travelling to Morocco, it is very important to be aware of Moroccan business etiquette. By following their cultural rules and practices you will help ensure that you do not accidentally offend someone. The people you are conducting business with will also have greater respect for you, simply because you took the time to educate yourself on Moroccan etiquette.

Introductions in Morocco usually consists of shaking hands while saying "salam" to one another. This means "peace be with you." Once you have been introduced to someone, this greeting may be used again with the addition of a kiss on each cheek. These kisses are only exchanged between members of the same sex. It is better to wait and see whether or not you are going to exchange kisses rather than initiating them.

Both men and women should dress modestly, covering most of the body and not wearing any tight-fitting clothes. You should also dress in your finest business attire to help you appear professional and formal at all times. While the clothes themselves should be of high quality, you should not accessorize with lavish jewellery or other items.

Moroccans will want to spend time getting to know you and asking questions about your home life before conducting business with you. They want to develop a relationship and trust you first. Answering these questions and getting to know one another will help you earn their respect. This is more effective for developing business connections in Morocco than trying to rush through a deal.

It is best not to schedule meetings on Friday since a big part of the day will be devoted to prayer. Also, be careful to prepare for fasting if you schedule meetings in Morocco during Ramadan. Since Muslims in the country will be fasting all day, it can become very difficult to find food and drinks for those not fasting. Scheduling your trips outside of Ramadan will make your time in Morocco more convenient.

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